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Event Volunteer

Volunteer position before / during / after event

As a volunteer, your role will include volunteering for a few hours and you will receive a free pass to the event. Outside of your volunteer time, you are welcome to attend the programming. The event brings together people across the tech ecosystem to explore innovative solutions to diversity and inclusion in tech – highlighting inclusive and accessible technology, best practices in diversity and inclusion and successful diverse entrepreneurs. All volunteers are given free full access to the event.



City Coordinators

Volunteer position, 5 – 15 hours / week

Are you interested in growing your commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility by making a positive impact in the Tech Industry? Would you like to further your career, build your network of influential professionals and implement creative, new ideas that fuel the movement in a meaningful way? Here’s your chance to be at the forefront of generating transformative conversations and in sighting change! Change Catalyst and our International events are growing exponentially and we are actively recruiting volunteers to join and lead the movement within your own communities.

In 2018, Change Catalyst is bringing its Tech Inclusion events to several cities across the world – with the goal of helping drive diversity and inclusion in each local tech ecosystem. In our experience, each has its own economic, political and cultural drivers. Additionally, each area has specific strengths, support, opportunities and barriers to change.

For each event, we have a team of local catalysts and volunteers helping make the event uniquely successful so that change can continue to be activated going forward. Our Tech Inclusion City Coordinators are diversity and inclusion advocates driving change in the local community, who partner with us to bring the right speakers, collaborators and change agents to our Tech Inclusion events.

Why Volunteer?

As a City Coordinator you’ll play an important role in expanding the impact of your local Tech Inclusion event and help elevate humanity through awareness and action.

  • You will be a key change agent and event leader, with recognition on the city/event Tech Inclusion website as a 2018 Tech Inclusion City Coordinator, as well as a shoutout and placement on your city’s Tech Inclusion Event website.
  • Your name and organization listed in the City Report developed after the conference.
  • Join a national and global community of passionate D&I advocates from all our events. Be part of a richly diverse national and global team of like-minded purpose-driven leaders that share your values and commitment to solving real-world problems.
  • Help Tech Inclusion to grow our impact by working with us to develop a scalable model to generate impact.
  • Tech Inclusion t-shirt and free admission to all Tech Inclusion events domestically and internationally in 2018.

Desired Qualities

  • A passion for catalyzing change and the desire to positively impact the industry.
  • A whole-hearted and firm commitment to actively serve as a volunteer through the local event date.
  • Highly punctual and responsive to email communications and ability to meet deadlines.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • A can-do spirit with lots of ideas, inspiration and creative energy.
  • The ability to attend 2-3 phone meetings per month.
  • The ability to devote approximately 10-15 hours/week for tasks.

Role Responsibilities

Work with the Change Catalyst team to:

  • Develop a lineup of top keynote and panel speakers and help with speaker outreach.
  • Identify key local tech company sponsors and partners, support and facilitate introductions.
  • Establish partnerships in the local tech ecosystem: e.g. education, government, accelerators, and advocacy organizations.
  • Identify, inspire and recruit local volunteers.
  • Spread the word and cultivate buzz and excitement about the event through local listings, websites, Facebook and Google groups, etc.
  • Following the event, help create a D&I City Report and a living database of local resources in the diversity and inclusion space.

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