Adapting to the New Reality

Solo Talks: 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM PT



3 Ways to Pivot to Profits During COVID-19

Three Key things I will talk about:

1. People over Profits -> lead with transparency in communicating with your employees, customers, partners and investors
2. Retention over Acquisition -> Tactical examples of how to focus on retention and why
3. Becoming a Trusted Advisor -> As a customer advocate, it is important to tailor messaging and positioning during the crises Each of the above will carry at least 1 case study with a story to top and tale the session.

Andy Ayim

Andy Ayim
Angel Investing School

Andy is an author, business builder and investor. He recently launched an Angel Investing School to train professionals on how to get started with investing in startups.

Andy believes that potential is widely distributed but opportunity is not. He is on a journey to connect individuals with the knowledge and resources they need create wealth and move into prosperity.



The New Normal – How COVID-19 Will Impact Your Community Strategy in the Long Run

Before the global pandemic, community became the new competitive advantage with over 80% of startups investing in community programs and 28% considering it their moat. Now, with in-person events on hold for a while, everyone’s scrambling to adapt their strategy. In this talk, David Spinks, Founder of CMX and VP of Community at Bevy, will walk you through why community is becoming so popular, what it means for businesses to build community, and how to adapt your strategies to not just survive, but to thrive in the long run.

David Spinks

David Spinks
Founder of CMX
VP of Community at Bevy

David Spinks is the Founder of CMX and VP of Community at Bevy. CMX is the world’s leading network and resource for community professionals. Bevy offers enterprise-grade software designed to help businesses build, grow, and scale global communities through virtual and in-person events. Together they’re working to help businesses bring more meaningful communities to the world.


After much consideration, we have chosen to discontinue Tech Inclusion events. Empovia (formerly Change Catalyst) is now focusing exclusively on learning and development solutions that drive inclusive and sustainable change.

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