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Tech Inclusion San Francisco 2016 Career Fair with Google Recruiters [Image Description] Two women, one a recruit, talk in the background next to a google sign. In the foreground, a female and male job seeker each engage with two google recruiters.

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The Tech Inclusion Career Fair connects companies of all shapes and sizes to a more diverse talent pool. We invite you to join us and be recognized as a leader in the growing commitment to build inclusive and diverse teams.

Companies looking to hire an inclusive workforce contact us to learn more how to participate in the career fair.

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Job searching?

Join us for the Tech Inclusion Career Fair in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York in 2017.

Meet staff from tech companies, investment firms, schools and support organizations looking to hire a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Find out who’s hiring, build relationships with recruiters and learn about programs to boost your skills.

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Career fair

Tech Inclusion San Francisco 2016 Career Fair with Chegg Recruiters [Image Description] A woman with chin length blonde hair speaks to a male and female recruiter. Behind them is a small crowd of additional job seekers and recruiters.